Tour Management

Tour Management Image of CrowdWe generally get involved in Tour Management in one of two ways. We tend to be either looking after a touring act exclusively (like our Damo & Ivor ‘Horny Tour’) or we’ll have a few clients interested in a particular act and we’ll look to put a tour together for that act.

Exclusive Act Tours

In the Damo & Ivor example, we’re exclusively representing them for live gigs so any time they do a live show we look after their transport, logistics, bookings etc. We actually LOVE working with Andy and Jules who created the Damo & Ivor characters. They’re great people.

Tell Us What You Want

When we have a few clients interested in the one act then we look at putting a tour together. We factor in all costs (flights, accommodation, transport, catering, Tour Manager and all the rest) and then we work out the cost per gig for each client. Obviously, the idea is that it’s better value per gig to do it this way with flight shares etc.

We're An Act Looking To Tour

We’re always interested in talking to acts interested in us trying to book in tours for them but, I guess, we’re looking for good acts we genuinely see a strong market for among contacts we have already, rather than trying to have loads of acts on our books. If that sounds like we may be a good match for you then get in touch!

Get in touch if you've any questions!

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"Cuckoo Events are honest and fair and quite simply all round brilliant people and a pleasure to work with. They ensure everyone is happy."

Jules Coll, Manager, Damo & Ivor

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